☆Pop Goes the…a World of Corn Poppers

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Here are some of the various popcorn gadgets and gizmos found in my net window shopping:

(Last Updated 30 Sep 2009)

Home Kitchen

Mini Carts/Stands

Nostalgia Electrics Mini Movietime (red) and (black or white) or even NFL Teams

Nostalgia Electrics Kettle Corn Popper (red)

Animated Characters

Fantasia Mickey Mouse

Hello Kitty


Westbend 82306


Presto Poplite


Presto Powerpop



On-the-Go Poppers

Max Burton


Mickey Mouse

Toaster Central (various designs)



Duck Design


Blue/White Rocket


Blue/White Rocket

☆I'd Love to be… a Salute to Hot Dog Cookers

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It seems in the world of hotdogs, frankfurters, weiners – or whatever one may call them – there is little limitation on the imagination worldwide to find the perfect way to cook and warm the ever popular food item. And the prices can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Here are some of the contraptions I found in my internet window shopping ventures.

(Last Updated 30 Sep 2009)

Home Kitchen

Countertop Mini-Designs

Nostalgia Stand

Countertop Toaster

Hot Diggity Dogger (white)

Non-Traditional Appliances

On the Go Steamer/Bun Warmers

Max Burton (can use in car)

Countertop Antique/Retro Cookers

Star “Spicy Steamro Red Hots” Hot Dog Cooker

’50s/’60s Design Presto

International Countertop Designs


4-in1 Steamer/Bun Warmer

Steamer/Corn Popper/Frying Pan


2 Prong


Steamer/1 Prong Bun Warmer (white)


Various Design Concepts

How Hot Dog Got It’s Name

Snopes’ Urban Legends

A Toast to Toast

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I added a new category to the pages section, Internet Window Shopping. The category will include some of the more interesting cooking oriented items and sites that I find while surfing the WWW.
The first page is dedicated to various aspects of toasters. I hope you enjoy it.

☆A Toast to Toasters

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Interesting appliances and sites that feature toast and toasters:

(Last Updated 30 Sep 2009)

Toast Art – some of the designs created on toast by toasters

I Love You – white

Cinderella Glass Slippers

Mickey Mouse Mornin’ – 2 slice, classic -2 slice

Toaster Art – some unusual designs in toasters

cartoon character – this is the only toaster I have seen, so far, where the actual toaster is the animated character

6-part rotating flower




triangular side load

6 slice

Dual-Purpose Toasters

infrared slicer-toaster

bun warmer-toaster

warming rack-toaster

egg & muffin toaster

Vintage Toaster Sites

Toaster Central

Toaster Museum

Jack and Beverly’s Toaster Collectibles

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