☆I'd Love to be… a Salute to Hot Dog Cookers

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It seems in the world of hotdogs, frankfurters, weiners – or whatever one may call them – there is little limitation on the imagination worldwide to find the perfect way to cook and warm the ever popular food item. And the prices can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Here are some of the contraptions I found in my internet window shopping ventures.

(Last Updated 30 Sep 2009)

Home Kitchen

Countertop Mini-Designs

Nostalgia Stand

Countertop Toaster

Hot Diggity Dogger (white)

Non-Traditional Appliances

On the Go Steamer/Bun Warmers

Max Burton (can use in car)

Countertop Antique/Retro Cookers

Star “Spicy Steamro Red Hots” Hot Dog Cooker

’50s/’60s Design Presto

International Countertop Designs


4-in1 Steamer/Bun Warmer

Steamer/Corn Popper/Frying Pan


2 Prong


Steamer/1 Prong Bun Warmer (white)


Various Design Concepts

How Hot Dog Got It’s Name

Snopes’ Urban Legends

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