☆A Toast to Toasters

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Interesting appliances and sites that feature toast and toasters:

(Last Updated 30 Sep 2009)

Toast Art – some of the designs created on toast by toasters

I Love You – white

Cinderella Glass Slippers

Mickey Mouse Mornin’ – 2 slice, classic -2 slice

Toaster Art – some unusual designs in toasters

cartoon character – this is the only toaster I have seen, so far, where the actual toaster is the animated character

6-part rotating flower




triangular side load

6 slice

Dual-Purpose Toasters

infrared slicer-toaster

bun warmer-toaster

warming rack-toaster

egg & muffin toaster

Vintage Toaster Sites

Toaster Central

Toaster Museum

Jack and Beverly’s Toaster Collectibles

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