Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #75

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Hubby’s back in the kitchen and this is what he came up with for a birthday surprise for our two year old dog (Jaco), Papa’s Rosemary Pork with Tuna-Lemon Sauce Dinner:

Papa' s Rosemary Pork with Tuna-Lemon Sauce Dinner

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The Rosemary Pork recipe came from this Japanese foodie site. (Our dog really got down on a little of this as a special birthday treat.) For the side dish, Hubby blanched the veggies. Then he sautéed the veggies in sesame oil and topped with warm sesame thousand island dressing.

Japanese "Fast Food" – Bento#14

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This tasty take-out bento option is less busy in the food selection and the flavors are more reminiscent of local island cuisine.


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☆I'd Love to be… a Salute to Hot Dog Cookers

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It seems in the world of hotdogs, frankfurters, weiners – or whatever one may call them – there is little limitation on the imagination worldwide to find the perfect way to cook and warm the ever popular food item. And the prices can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Here are some of the contraptions I found in my internet window shopping ventures.

(Last Updated 30 Sep 2009)

Home Kitchen

Countertop Mini-Designs

Nostalgia Stand

Countertop Toaster

Hot Diggity Dogger (white)

Non-Traditional Appliances

On the Go Steamer/Bun Warmers

Max Burton (can use in car)

Countertop Antique/Retro Cookers

Star “Spicy Steamro Red Hots” Hot Dog Cooker

’50s/’60s Design Presto

International Countertop Designs


4-in1 Steamer/Bun Warmer

Steamer/Corn Popper/Frying Pan


2 Prong


Steamer/1 Prong Bun Warmer (white)


Various Design Concepts

How Hot Dog Got It’s Name

Snopes’ Urban Legends

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #71

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A simple and refreshing side dish salad that makes good use of leftover dipping sauces, Honey/Mustard-Almond/Mint Coleslaw:

Honey/Mustard-Almond/Mint Coleslaw

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1/2 head medium cabbage
1 small carrot
1/2 small onion
1/4 cup Honey/Mustard sauce
1/4 cup Almond/Mint sauce
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
Grated toasted sesame seeds

Chop cabbage, carrot, and onion into medium chunks and grate in a food processor. Place the mixture in a container then mix in the two sauces, mayomnaise, pepper, and vinegar. Refrigerate for at least one hour.

Place in serving bowl and top with sesame seeds.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ Snack#4

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Here is a simple, cool, and refreshing hot weather snack, Minty Fruit Mini-Kabobs:

Minty Fruit Mini-Kabobs

(Click on image to view large size)

Simply dice fresh fruit into 1/2 inch cubes and alternate with fresh mint pieces. I used honeydew, cantalope, pineapple, and spearmint.

NOTE: This is one snack that tastes best when you slide the whole thing in your mouth at one time. So go ahead…be a glutton!!! 😉

Japanese “Fast Food” – Bento#13

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Here is another bento that features goya (bitter melon) chanpuru. This version also included rice, pickled plum, kamaboko, mini-meatball, fish, pork, and crab rolled in scrambled egg.


(Click on image to view large size)

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #69

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This is a hearty curry hubby made where the sauce is a different color than what is usually expected, Chunky Chicken White Curry:

Chunky Chicken White Curry

(Click on image to view large size)

For the curry hubby used chunky chicken, yellow bell pepper, potato, onion and carrot pieces.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #68

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A simple spring meal hubby came up with, Papa’s Tuna Salad with Bleu Cheese-Basil Wraps:

Papa's Tuna Salad with Bleu Cheese-Basil Wraps

(Click on image to view large size)

Hubby used arugula, iceberg lettuce, fresh rosemary, fresh parsley, black olives, white onion, avocado, and cherry tomatoes for the salad. The dressing of choice was sesame thousand island. He added bleu cheese-basil tortilla wraps to complete the meal.

Japanese “Fast Food” – Chicken Salad

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This Chicken Salad is one of the offerings at one of the local chain stores. Although smaller salads have been available for quite some time, this version may be a response to the demand to include “healthier” alternatives at local fast food chains. The dressing options were creamy sesame or lemon vinaigrette, this one has the sesame dressing. (I wonder if this is the same salad being offered globally?)


(Click on image to view large size)

A Toast to Toast

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I added a new category to the pages section, Internet Window Shopping. The category will include some of the more interesting cooking oriented items and sites that I find while surfing the WWW.
The first page is dedicated to various aspects of toasters. I hope you enjoy it.

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