Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #317

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Here’s another meal idea for those outdoor grilling days, Rolled-Pork ‘n’ Beans BBQ Dinner:

Rolled-Pork 'n' Beans BBQ Dinner

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This barbecue meal included foil-wrapped diced potatoes and white onion with white pepper, sesame oil, butter, and balsamic vinegar with a sour cream, snipped fresh basil, whole grain mustard, wasabi mayonnaise sauce; an iceberg lettuce, arugula, cherry tomato, cucumber, and snipped leek white salad tossed with a thin coat of creamy French dressing; and flattened tenderized-pork loin with minced garlic paste and powdered thyme stuffed with frozen green beans, rolled, wrapped with bacon, and tied with lemon grass.

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Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #316

Here’s another quick, simple, and tasty home cooking meal idea, Taco-Shrimp Wrap Dinner:

Taco-Shrimp Wrap Dinner

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Equipment and All Ingredients Needed

1 Strainer 1 Pot 2 Frying pans 3 Stovetop burners

1 Can opener 1 Blender/processor Scissors

8 Small cherry tomatoes

7 Black olives (pitted)

6 Six-inch flour tortillas

3 Slices cheddar cheese

1 Can chili beans with sauce

1 Package taco seasoning

2 Cups frozen shrimp

1/2 Cup chicken broth

1/3 Cup cream

1 Tablespoon leek whites

1 Tablespoon olive oil

Iceberg lettuce leaves

Sour cream

Fresh parsley sprigs

View brief video with further details

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #315

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Here’s another tasty home cooked meal by hubby, Papa’s Creamy Crunchy-Chicken Dinner:

Papa's Creamy Crunchy-Chicken Dinner

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This meal consisted of steamed green beans and flour-dredged chicken sautéed in olive oil with white pepper smothered in a cream, white pepper, butter, and scallion sauce and garnished with grated parmesan cheese; freshly steamed rice garnished with dried parsley flakes; and a small salad of iceberg lettuce, sliced cucumber, halved cherry tomatoes, and snipped leek drizzled in a cremay French-style dressing.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #314

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Here’s another of hubby delish dishes, Papa’s Pork ‘n’ Taters:

Papa's Pork 'n' Taters

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This meal consisted of chopped pork and potatoes simmered in a mixture of white onion slices, bonito dashi, chicken bouillon granules, white pepper, soy sauce, mixed vegetable juice, white wine, minced garlic paste, and water; strained and tossed with Dijon mustard; placed on a bed of freshly-steamed rice; and garnished with dried parsley flakes.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #313

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Here’s another simple and flavorful side dish, Cheesy Side Salad:

Cheesy Side Salad

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For this salad, simply add and lightly toss iceberg lettuce, quartered cherry tomatoes and black olives, crumbled almond cheese, snipped garlic chives and fresh basil, bacon bits, dried oregano flakes, grated parmesan cheese, and a small amount of a creamy cheese salad dressing.

Japanese “Fast Food” – Bento#90

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This is another of a local vendor’s island flavors take-out meals including sanmai niku (pork), rice, umeboshi, gobo, seaweed-kanpyo mix, cabbage-carrot-green bean mix, spaghetti, and mackerel.

Japanese "Fast Food" - Bento#90

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Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #312

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Here’s quick and easy, yet filling, meal by hubby, Papa’s Tuna Salad Brunch:

Papa's Tuna Salad Brunch

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For this meal hubby made a salad of iceberg lettuce, white onion slices, halved cherry tomatoes, chopped garlic chives, and drained canned tuna tossed with a light coat of creamy seasame dressing; ham and cheese on toasted white bread triangles with a thin coat of mayonnaise; and instant miso soup.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #311

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This is a simple and tasty home-cooked meal idea, Spicy Shrimp Succotash Dinner:

Spicy Shrimp Succotash Dinner

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This meal included diced half-baked potato and assorted frozen bell pepper and sliced bacon strips sautéed in butter and olive oil with fresh corn-on-the cob kernels, frozen shrimp, white pepper, red chili pepper flakes, dried parsley flakes, minced garlic paste, and strained canned butter beans added; tossed with chopped garlic chives and garnished with a dallop of sour cream and dried thyme flakes; accompanied by a toasted tortilla with almond cheese roll.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #310

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Here’s a simple and tasty side dish with a twist for take-out pizza, Italian Dinner Side Salad:

Italian Dinner Side Salad

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This basic salad consisted of iceberg lettuce, julienned cucumber, quartered cherry tomatoes, black olive slivers, and dried oregano flakes tossed and drizzled with a creamy wasabi, mayonnaise, and creamy cheese dressing mix.

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