Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #235

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Here’s a simple dish that has a combination of Asian and Italian flavors, Tuna Asiano:

Tuna Asiano

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The dish consisted of chopped frozen asparagus sauteed in olive oil with minced garlic paste and chopped white onion, drained canned tuna, dried oregano flakes, drained canned button mushrooms, canned diced tomatoes with liquid, powdered thyme, soy sauce, cracked black sesame seeds, brown sugar, white pepper, dried parsley flakes, leftover precooked rice, grated Parmesan cheese, and fresh basil sprigs.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #234

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An absolutely scrumptous dish by hubby, Papa’s Savory Chicken Sauté:

Papa's Savory Chicken Sauté

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Included in this meal by hubby was chicken sautéed in sesame oil and chopped fresh garlic and parsley with a chicken bouillon granule and sour cream sauce; sautéed bell pepper, carrot, and green cherry tomatoes; a whole wheat dinner roll, and an iceberg, cucumber, cherry tomato salad with creamy cheese dressing and dried oregano flakes.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #233

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Here’s another recreation from leftovers, Curried Veggie Pasta Snack:

Curried Veggie Pasta Snack

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The meal consisted of frozen grilled Mediterranean veggies sauteed in olive oil with leftover Curried-Squid Pasta and cracked black sesame seeds added; miso soup, and hubby’s homemade pickled daikon and cucumber tsukemono.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #232

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The final nippy winds of the year have kicked in and hubby had a perfect answer to take the chill off, Papa’s Seafood Soup Snack:

Papa's Seafood Soup Snack

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For the meal for two, hubby simply combined 380 grams of tomato juice and canned button mushroom slices with some leftover Spicy Seafood Soup; garnished with chopped fresh parsley; and added garlic toast as an accompaniment.

Japanese “Fast Food” – Bento#72

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This version of local take-out meals eaten by hubby had all types of goodies such as mackerel, carrot, potato, ebi tempura, konyaku-seaweed mix, bean-seaweed mix, greens-sesame seed mix, rice with black sesame seeds, and daikon.

Japanese "Fast Food" - Bento#72

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Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #231

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I think this may only be the second time I have ever attempted a fresh squid dish. The inspiration came from a Portuguese soup recipe by Alan Leonetti found on Recipezaar, Curried-Squid Pasta:

Curried-Squid Pasta

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Equipment and All Ingredients Needed

1 Knife 1 Cutting board 2 Medium pots 1 Small pot
2 Stovetop burners 1 Toaster 1 Strainer

2 Pounds squid

6 Cherry tomatoes

3 Medium dried laurel leaves

½ Large white onion

1 Cup fish stock*

½ Cup white wine

2 Tablespoons olive oil

1 Tablespoon minced garlic paste

1 Tablespoon white pepper

1 Tablespoon cornstarch

1 Teaspoon dried curry powder

½ Teaspoon minced ginger paste

Whole grain bread slices

Fresh parsley sprigs

Long pasta of choice

Minced garlic paste

Grated Parmesan cheese (optional)

*1 Packet shaved bonito flakes if you don’t have premade fish stock

View video with further details.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #230

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Here’s another absolutely delish seafood dish by hubby, Papa’s Spicy Seafood Soup:

Papa's Spicy Seafood Soup

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The ingredients consisted of squid, shrimp, potato, carrot, asparagus, bonito stock, olive oil, canned whole tomatoes with liquid, crushed garlic, white onion, and cayenne pepper garnished with fresh chopped parsley. Accompanying the soup, a whole wheat dinner roll and butter.

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #229

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Many of us enjoy the combination of wine and cheese on occasion. This dish combines the two in the form of leftovers, Wine & Cheese Rice:

Wine & Cheese Rice

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This meal consisted of leftover Crockpot Chunky Cheesy Stew and leftover Crockpot Coq Au Vin combined, placed in the center of a leftover precooked rice ring (with a small amount of sauce drizzled on top of the ring), and garnished with a fresh parsley sprig and cracked black sesame seeds.

Japanese “Fast Food” – Katsu Curry

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This take-out version of one of the local oba-style culinary favorites on island consisted of pork cutlet, chunky potato and carrot, peas, and onion in a curried sauce with sweet pickled radish.

Japanese "Fast Food" - Katsu Curry

(Click on image to view large size)

Chanpuru-No Rules-Cooking☆ #228

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Hubby’s back in his experimentation mood with these crispy edibles, Papa’s Double Roll & Rice:

Papa's Double Roll & Rice

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For one version of spring rolls, hubby used beef, pork, Shitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrot, white pepper, minced ginger paste, and minced garlic paste; for the other, cheddar cheese and spicy pork sausage. The dipping sauce was a mixture of ketchup, Tobasco sauce, and Mirin. The basic meatless-fried rice consisted of leftover precooked rice with sliced white onion, soy sauce, white pepper, and minced garlic paste quick-fried in sesame oil.

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